The Nationwide Difference

Customer ‘s always ask us, “What makes Nationwide Appraisals different than XYZ competitor?”

The answer is simple: “The Nationwide Difference”

Nationwide has taken a service offering that used to be a commodity based product to the insurance industry and revolutionized the offering by combining "state of the art" technology with an industry leading payment methodology.


VistaClaim provides Nationwide Appraisals with the back office technology that dispatches the assignment to the Independent appraiser and allows the appraiser to use the estimating platform of their choice. The appraiser than uploads the appraisal back to Nationwide for an electronic review directly from the field (saving multiple hours and days of wasted cycle time), based on the client specific guidelines (parts preferences, etc) before being submitted back to the Insurance Carrier for review.

Payment Methodology:

Most of our competitors use the model of paying their field appraisers once they have been paid from the carrier, typically 30 days after inspection, if not longer. The problem with this model is that there is no incentive for the field appraiser to get the product back in the hands of the carrier quicker and more accurate. The “Nationwide Difference” is that we pay our field appraisers fifteen business days* after completion of assignment via electronic funds transfer if the assignment meets our service level agreements, and customer estimating guidelines(including carrier contractual agreements*).
*Carrier premium service